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Porridge Oat Protein Bites -or- My Kid Refuses To Eat Breakfast So I Turned It Into Cookies

Our little munchkin has been on a bit of a breakfast strike lately. He might eat it eventually, but most of the time his breakfast is still uneaten at lunch time. Cornflakes, toast, scrambled eggs & sausage..even pancakes!  Now that he’s going to nursery 3 mornings a week, I’ve been waking up stupid-early to try...

Bagels That Chew

Growing up on the west coast, I didn’t have a proper New York bagel until I visited for work in my 20’s. I may have had one when we went for my aunt’s wedding when I was 8, but my only strong memories of that visit are 1- The rats in our hotel room and...

The Perfect Fluffy Molasses Cookie

I brought 2 bottles of American molasses when I moved to England in July of 2018. That much barely got me through to Christmas. To be fair, I do bake a lot of gingerbread men at Christmastime (and they’re vegan*, too!). When I ran out, the internet told me I could substitute the (readily available...

Butternut Squash Gnocchi (in whatever sauce you’d like)

Very near the top of the list of ‘Things I Miss About Living in California’ is my dad’s massive garden. He’s got 8 raised beds and several huge pots…plus whatever volunteers to grow in the compost heap. Mom & Dad canned what seems like several hundred pints of tomatoes this summer, but it’s probably somewhere closer...

All-in-One Breakfast Muffins

I haven’t always been a breakfast eater. When I was touring, breakfast was usually a pre-packaged bar of some sort, washed down with several large glasses of iced tea….and that was only because I’d get dizzy if I didn’t eat something. When I stopped touring, moved to England, and had a brand new baby (it was...

Simple Scones

Yesterday was a grey and awful day. The kind where I still have fleeting second thoughts about leaving the California sunshine for England and her dreich weather. (Dreich is a wonderful Scottish word that I picked up from my good friend Andy. It means bleak & dreary and is fun to say.) Dreich days call...

Gluten Free Battenberg Without Much Fuss

Until I moved here, I never really appreciated just how often the English drink tea. Morning cuppa? Sure! But a mid-afternoon hot drink, or a jolt of caffeine just before bed never occurred to me. In the 2 ½ years since I came to the UK, I think I’ve had more tea than in my...