• Refreshing & Repairing a Sheepskin Rug
    A friend texted a couple of weeks ago to ask if I could do anything to save his sheepskin rug. He bought it down at Camden Market ages ago, and it’s been wrapped up in a bin liner in their garage since they moved into their current home- at least 7 years. This particular rug … Read more
  • Armistice Day Wreath
    Like many English market towns, a standout feature of our high street is the war memorial. Ours is right near the entrance to the Church of St Peter and I regularly walk past when running errands.  Right now, it’s absolutely covered in red poppies. There’s a man selling paper poppies in front of the grocery … Read more
  • This Is Halloween
    At age 3, I wanted to be a Muppet when I grew up. Instead, I grew up and ran away with a theatre company to work with clowns and make them very silly props & costumes. Unfortunately, the only puppet they ever asked me to make was a ventriloquist doll that looks like Richard Nixon.  … Read more
  • Pumpkin Hat!
    It’s Finally Fall! Or “autumn” as they say here, which doesn’t have that nice alliteration. It’s time for sweaters (jumpers), cozy hats, boots, and sticky sweet pumpkin flavo(u)red coffee drinks (which might exist here, but we don’t have a Starbucks and I don’t drink coffee, so I really have no idea.) Some friends (across the … Read more

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