Pumpkin Hat!

It’s Finally Fall! Or “autumn” as they say here, which doesn’t have that nice alliteration. It’s time for sweaters (jumpers), cozy hats, boots, and sticky sweet pumpkin flavo(u)red coffee drinks (which might exist here, but we don’t have a Starbucks and I don’t drink coffee, so I really have no idea.)

Some friends (across the canal and up a few houses) have recently welcomed a brand new baby boy. I had a weird bronchitis thing for a few weeks so had to wait to meet him….and a knitter can’t meet a new baby without bringing a little something made with love. October meaning Halloween and pumpkins, I obviously needed to make a pumpkin hat to cover Baby H’s cute little pumpkin head.

I made a similar hat a few years ago when Thing 4 was tiny. That pattern was either never written down or was lost in the move so I kinda winged it. Am really pleased with the result and it even fits!

(Not wanting to show Baby H’s face on the blog, you’ll have to settle for a side view of a creepy babydoll, our herb “garden” that needs weeding, and our lazy/uncooperative dog model)